The Tiger Safari 2013: Day 1

Day 1 – always exciting!  We started off this amazing safari with a good look at the rest of the players in the tiger reserve.  Loads of spotted deer, barking deer and indian gaur, or indian bison, filled the cameras’ viewfinders, as well as the brilliant and ever-present langur monkeys.  As for the tigers themselves, the best we managed was a fresh set of tracks for a female, heading to a nearby waterhole.  We were confident she was in the area but she didn’t show herself – this only brews excitement, as the hope of seeing a tiger increases!

Major sightings of the day:

  • Spotted deer
  • Barking deer
  • Langur monkeys
  • Indian gaur
  • A variety of birds, including peafowl

Japan: Winter Wildlife Safari 2013: Day 7

The final morning of the safari had a very nice surprise in store for us.  We woke to an awesome snowfall, which added drastically to the atmosphere of the photos!  To make the morning a little more special, a japanese serow made an appearance midway through the snowfall.  This awkward looking antelope foraged on the cliffs above us for a solid hour before heading back into the hills.  The snow monkeys were as obliging as ever, and had all concentrated in the hot spring because of the cold weather.  All in all, it was the perfect way to end an amazing safari!

Major sightings of the day:

  • Snow monkeys
  • Japanese Serow

Japan: Winter Wildlife Safari 2013: Day 6

A full day with the snow monkeys is never a bad day!  The busy little monkeys kept the cameras clicking all day, which produced some lovely images and memories.

Major sightings of the day:

  • Snow monkeys

Japan: Winter Wildlife Safari 2013: Day 4

The day kicked off with us boarding an ice-breaker boat en route to see some very cool eagles.  We had an incredible two and a half hours with the magnificent stellar sea eagles, white-tailed eagles and hundreds of gulls that had pretty much surrounded the boat.  It was an amazing photographic experience having so much choice, with so much action happening almost constantly.  Disembarking, we had a relaxed day, and caught up on some rest and quick image processing, before heading out for a real treat.  We tried our luck attempting to photograph a very rare bird, the Blackiston’s fish owl.  We were rewarded for our (rather chilly) efforts with two visits by the magnificent bird, and even better, we managed to get some images!

Major sightings of the day:

  • Stellar sea eagles
  • White-tailed eagles
  • Various kinds of sea gulls
  • Baird’s beaked whale
  • Blackiston’s fish owl