The worlds fastest mammals at full speed on the plains of Tanzania!

The plains of the Serengeti are as famous as Safari is itself, and for good reason. The Cheetah Safari takes you into the heart of the action, with unbelievable cheetah viewing. The Cheetah Safari is timed to coincide with the calving of the wildebeest migration, so the predatory activity is at its highest. Weather you are an avid photographer or a safari enthusiast, this is safari not be missed!

As with all our safaris, this exclusive safari welcomes you into extremely comfortable accommodation, surrounded by the plains themselves; it is not uncommon for the mega-herd to be grazing just outside your camp.  Service with a smile and great food accompany one of the best safari experiences you can encounter.

This safari, while primarily focused on the worlds fastest mammal, has a lot more to offer as well. The lions in the area are also very active during this season. The predators of the Southern Serengeti need to make the most of this time of year, so the sightings roll in thick and fast. As well as the big cats, you also have a good chance to see some of the small cats. Caracal and Serval are found regularly, and are highly entertaining.  For those who like to add to their bird lists, there are some great species unique to the area which should give you a few more ticks.

The best time of year for this safari is March, (most of the human traffic has left, giving you a lot more freedom in sightings), but the safari can run year-round with the peak season running from the middle of January until the middle of April. If you would like a professional photographer to accompany you on this safari, just let us know – it adds a tremendous amount to your safari, as he will coach you in the sightings, helping you get the best possible shots!

Every Five Zero safari can be fully customized – from group size to dates and duration. For those looking to extend your stay in Tanzania, we have several options to enhance your experience. Contact our safari specialists to help you plan your dream safari!

Here is a little teaser: The Cheetah Safari Video