Why book with us?

  • Through years of exploration we have identified the best wildlife experiences around the world and offer you handpicked safaris that will amaze and enthral.
  • Luxury accommodation. We have carefully selected camps and lodges that are the epitome of safari-style comfort and luxury.
  • Species-focused safaris. While spotting the elusive Tiger in India or Jaguar in Brazil is a truly thrilling experience, we recognise that spending quality time with an animal is the key to witnessing and photographing wildlife.
  • Bespoke safaris created around your needs. We help you create the perfect vacation and all our safaris are fully tailored: Your schedule. Your group-size. Your wish-list of what to see.
  • We keep exploring regions and species to bring you new captivating safari experiences.

Who we are 


Driving off-road in an open air Land Rover, in the heart of South Africa’s bushveld, the FiveZero ideal took form between two unlikely partners: a nature-loving safari boy and an adventure-seeking city girl.

Kurt Jay Bertels

With a background in nature conservation, and over a decade safari guiding experience, Kurt has a profound understanding of wildlife. His passions for photography and exploring the natural world in search of new species and wildlife spectacles have made him a specialist in creating amazing safari experiences.

Kurt leads our photographic safaris. An award winning wildlife photographer, with a knack for conveying photographic concepts in simple terms, it is his instinctual anticipation of animal behaviours that will help you get your winning shot.

Stephanie Bertels

An avid traveller with a corporate background, Stephanie fell in love with safari and the joys of being out in nature. Since her first safari many years ago, she has been driven to explore the rest of the world’s wildlife wonders – and she does it in style. Stephanie has helped FiveZero elevate itself to the level it is today by hand-picking each of the lodges and camps we use, making sure that every one of our guests enjoys their safari in absolute comfort even in far-reaching and remote destinations. Her attention to detail creates safaris that can be enjoyed with the full confidence of knowing that each step has been thoroughly thought out, and perfectly planned.

What we are about…

Amazing Wildlife is Key.

We are a luxury safaris company that draws on our decades-long experience, and passion for travelling, to create unique and unforgettable bespoke safaris throughout the world – for you.

Our focus is on finding the best places to see and photograph wildlife. A lot of our safaris are species-driven, because we recognise that focused quality time is needed to truly experience an animal in its natural habitat.

Taking the African Leopard as an example; this species exists in over 40 countries, but our safaris have identified the 2-3 of the best hotspots for viewing and photographing the African Leopard, accompanied by great service and accommodation.

Whether it is Tigers, Gorillas, Polar Bears or Pumas you are after, we have identified the best destinations to find such elusive species, and create safaris that will enable you to spend time with the animals on your wish list, observing their behaviours and interactions.

Your Comfort is Essential.

A safari is an adventure and a chance to get back to nature; we believe it can also be done in style, and design safaris around camps and lodges that embody comfort and the little luxuries in life. Admittedly some destinations are more remote than others but we still seek to do these safaris in utmost comfort with those rustic luxuries that will surprise and delight.

We help you craft the perfect vacation and all of our safaris are fully tailored to your needs. No detail is left to chance.

Our long term aim…

To cover the globe. Keep travelling, keep exploring, keep finding the best wildlife experiences, camps and lodges; and taking you on our journey.

Each safari is inspired by wildlife, and exclusively designed to best suite you. We are safari done in style and comfort.

Treat yourself to a FiveZero Safari!