Get up close and personal with Gorillas on the slopes of a volcano

Rwanda has been called “Land of a Thousand Hills.” Deep in the heart of Africa, this small and impressively mountainous country lies between the ecosystems of the Congo Basin and the Great Rift Valley, sharing the natural riches of both – resulting in exquisite beauty. The mountain gorillas are the main attraction on Rwanda and the opportunities to photograph them are endless. Their social behaviour – to continue their day to day activities as if no one were there – provide some of the most interesting and rare experiences one could enjoy on safari. Golden monkeys are another highlight of the Gorilla Safari – and they are also fully habituated to the human presence; get up close and personal to capture their antics on camera. Your base, a luxury eco-lodge nestled within the Virunga Volcanoes, offers breathtaking views of the mighty volcano chain as well as the countryside.