Explore the Chilean Patagonia on the Puma Safari

Exploring the eastern edges of the Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia with its turquoise-blue lakes and dramatic mountain vistas is spectacular enough before you add in the thrill of seeing Andean Pumas in the wild on the Puma Safari.

This safari is done on foot giving you a unique perspective and some intimate encounters with these wonderful big cats. Heading out early each morning, you will meet up with a team of experienced trackers and begin your trek. Trekking in this wild terrain is not without its challenges, but the prize is well worth the effort, experiencing these elusive cats in their natural habitat, and with a bit if luck watching them stalk and chasing guanacos, birds or anything else that peaks their interest.

Following each trek you can look forward to the warm and modern comforts of your lodge, a little gem of luxury overlooking the Torres del Paine with stunning views of the park, spectacular food and a deluxe spa.

The Chilean wilderness is rich with biodiversity, and it is quite easy to add on several nearby destinations, which will give you the opportunity to see so much more, including the impressive Chilean Condors. Contact our safari specialists to help you plan your dream safari!

Here is a little teaser: The Puma Safari Video