Be amazed by Gorillas and Chimps on the Great Apes Safari

One of Africa’s little-known safari gems, Uganda is a country with everything from tropical forests and volcanic peaks, to savanna plains, where you can go in search of Mountain Gorillas and tree-climbing Lions, Chimpanzees and savanna Elephants; and that is what this Great Apes Safari is all about!

Your first stop is Kibale to trek for the Chimpanzees; a mostly forested national park, with spectacular scenery and prolific bird life, it also boasts twelve other species of primate, including the exotic Black-and-White Colobus Monkeys and the cute Red-tailed Monkey. You will be part of an elite group of trekkers permitted to spend the entire day amongst a family of Chimps.

Set on the rim of a small crater, against the stunning backdrop of Lake Kyaninga and the snow capped Rwenzori Mountains beyond, this elegant and cosy lodge in Kibale consists of 9 exclusive cottages with sweeping views, superb dining and beautiful gardens.

Your next destination is the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, home of the magnificent Mountain Gorillas. But to get there you will take a leisurely safari drive through the beautiful savanna plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park in search of the famous tree-climbing Lions. This wonderful park also boasts good sightings of Buffalo, Elephants, Ugandan Kob and over 600 species of birds!

Arriving at the lodge in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, you will be welcomed by friendly faces, a warm drink, and maybe even a family of gorillas that frequently pass through the camp! Trek through lush tropical forest and spend a sacred hour each day in the company of fully habituated Mountain Gorillas, who allow you to move quite freely amongst their family, observing their daily routine and interactions.

Depending on the length of your gorilla trek, you may spend an afternoon visiting the Batwa Tribe, better known as the Pygmies. The Batwa are masters of the forest, and in many cases still live entirely off the land, using traditional methods. The gardens of your private lodge are a perfect place to enjoy the warmth of the camp fire and a relaxing cocktail after a good day’s trekking. Contact our safari specialists to help you plan your dream safari!