Cruise the waterways of the Pantanal on the Jaguar Safari

Carrying the prestigious title of ‘largest cat in the Americas’, Jaguars are arguably the top prize of a South American safari, and the stunning setting of the Pantanal in Brazil, which plays host to the Jaguar Safari, is the best destination for viewing and photographing them in their natural habitat.

Exploring the many waterways in open-air boats designed to get you close to the action, you will search the riverbanks for a look at these elusive cats. Jaguars can be observed relaxing on the river banks or with a bit of luck catching caiman crocodiles in the water – a sure highlight on any Jaguar safari!

Being a water-based safari, the best way to experience the wonders of the Pantanal is from the comfort of an intimate Flotel situated on the banks of the same rivers where you search for Jaguars. Cabins are air conditioned and have all the necessary comforts and amenities. With Jaguars often spotted from the rooms be sure to keep an eye on the banks even when you are relaxing.

Cruising along the channels of this extensive freshwater wetland, Jaguars are not the only animals you can expect to see however; there are good numbers of the endlessly entertaining Giant River Otters, Lowland Tapirs, Giant Anteaters, Capybaras, Marsh Deer, Black Howler Monkeys and just over 550 different species of birds!

Brazil has so many incredible things to see and do, and with the Amazon just a short plane ride away, you can easily extend this safari. Wild jaguars, exotic wildlife and the lush wetland scenery on this safari will leave you in awe. Contact our safari specialists to help you plan your dream safari!