Explore an incredible wilderness on the Kalahari Safari

The Kalahari Safari takes exclusivity to a new level. Set deep in the Kahalari, South Africa’s largest privately owned game reserve hosts you as you explore this wonderful desert landscape, filled with magnificent wide open spaces and stunning blue skies. The Kahalari is alive with the rare and extraordinary! Encounter the Kalahari’s predators, with great sightings of the powerful black-maned Lions, the sleek and elegant Cheetah, and the energetic and haphazard antics of Wild Dogs. Track the critically endangered Desert Black Rhino, and enjoy many different species of antelope, including the majestic Roan Antelope. However, it is perhaps Africa’s smaller and lesser-known animals that make this safari experience truly special; the Kalahari Safari is the best place to see the elusive Pangolin and  Aardvark, not to mention the fascinating antics of the Meerkat colonies that are completely habituated to humans, allowing you to get right in among the busy families!

During this incredible adventure, you will be comfortably accommodated in an ultra luxurious camp, with sweeping views and every amenity you can imagine! The friendly service and delicious food top off what is an amazing safari experience.

This safari is fully customised – from group size to dates and duration. If you are looking to extend your stay in Africa, there are several options to continue your adventure. Contact our safari specialists to help you plan your dream safari!

Here is a little teaser: The Kalahari Safari Video