See the rarest cat in the world – the Amur Leopard

This is an incredibly exclusive and unique opportunity! Very few people get the opportunity to see Amur Leopards each year, and we have managed to secure space for you to see and photograph the worlds rarest big cat.

Deep in Russia’s wild Far East, is a little known reserve where the last strong-hold of the Amur Leopard exists. Amur Leopards were on the brink of extinction with just 19 – 26 wild individuals in 2007, but due to growing interest, there has been a considerable effort to preserve and increase this species, and the numbers are now going up. This has created the opportunity of a life-time – to see and photograph a wild Amur Leopard.

You will be based in the heart of the reserve, and with the use of a hide/blind, watch as the leopards move through the area. The accommodation is simple, but you will defiantly be warm enough and well fed. For the more dedicated enthusiast, we recommend staying in the hide/blind for the duration of the safari, which gives you the best chance to catch all the Amur Leopard action. The hide/blind has bedding and bathroom facilities, and food is delivered, while radio contact keeps you in touch with the park rangers.

This safari has a set itinerary and set dates, and space is limited to just 3 people per week, so please contact our safari specialists soon to secure your space on one of the worlds most unique safaris!