Track and see an extremely rare beauty on the Black Leopard Safari

After years of rumours and exaggerated tales, there is finally a chance to see a wild Black Leopard! Also known as a Black Panther, this magnificent animal is bring seen on a regular basis, giving you a very realistic opportunity to see and photograph a wild Black Leopard. 

Set in the foothills of Central Kenya, just a stones throw from Mount Kenya, you will head out every morning and afternoon in open safari vehicles in search of not just the Black Leopard, but a whole host of other incredible animals, including lions, elephants, buffalo and the always exciting African wild dogs. The savannah itself is quite fantastic, with thousands of acacia trees and interesting rocky outcrops creating a spectacular backdrop to an amazing safari. In amongst all the trees and rocks, around 350 species of birds can be seen, as well as the endangered greys zebra and reticulated giraffe. Each safari is exciting, as you never what you will see, and if it will be the safari where the living shadow reveals itself.

The female Black Leopard that we are all looking for is a young adult so she will hopefully be around for some time, but nature is unpredictable and there is no guarantee she will around forever. If seeing a Black Leopard in the wild is something you have ever dreamed about, or is anywhere on your bucket list, then you should not let this chance slip past you.

The accommodations welcome you into a relaxed and authentic bush camp vibe, and the staff do everything they can to help you out and give the best experience. As this is not (yet) on the main tourist route, you will get a taste of a more authentic Kenya.

The BlackLeopard Safari is fully customised – from group size to dates and duration. For those looking to extend your stay in India, we have several options to enhance your experience. Contact our safari specialists to help you plan your dream safari!