Explore the World Famous Galapagos Islands

Probably the world’s most famous island archipelago, the Galapagos Islands offer an unrivalled wildlife experience. The Galapagos Islands Safari takes you on a cruise around the Islands’ most notable points, stopping to take in the many incredible creatures and landscapes that can be found there.

A chance visit by a young Charles Darwin in 1835 set in motion a theory that has helped forward our understanding of the natural world. Visiting the Galapagos takes you on a journey to these remarkable islands where it feels like you are walking through the creation of the Earth. Each island is a different age, ranging between 150,000 years young and 4.2 million years old, so you can actually experience how the islands have moved through the different stages of development. It is one of the few places in the world where theory and practice components merge so seamlessly.

The real joy though, is walking and swimming amongst animals that have no inherent fear of man. This is a privilege seldom found on safari. Whether swimming with Galapagos Sea Lions, or watching Blue-footed Boobies dive into the sea at incredible speeds to catch fish, the action is non-stop. Each island you visit offers something new, something special. Marine Iguanas can be seen dotted around the islands while Magnificent Frigatebirds can be approached while they display on their nests and White-tipped Reef Sharks swim slowly though the seas.

Making the safari even more special, is the wonderful accommodation that is your base throughout the safari. Spacious cabins with private balconies overlooking the water, expansive common areas and delicious Ecuadorian style food all come together to make this experience unforgettable. The energetic crew make sure that you are safe, comfortable and extremely well looked after, ensuring that you have a safari you will never forget.

This is truly a must-do safari for all wildlife enthusiast and photographers. Contact our safari specialists to help you plan your dream safari!

Here is a little teaser: The Galapagos Islands Safari Video