Explore Argentina’s Wild Coastline on The Orca Safari

There is only one place on Earth where orcas swim up onto the beach to try to catch sea lions – and we will be there waiting for them on The Orca Safari!

The Orca Safari is all about one of our planets most spectacular animals, the orca, or killer whale. We will spend 11 days watching from the beach for these impressive animals to come along, and with a little luck, trying to catch some unsuspecting sea lions. Your photo guide Kurt Jay Bertels will be with you all the way, and helping you get your perfect photo.

We will be there at the perfect time of year, when the beaches are filled with sea lions whose pups are about to enter the water fir the first time – and the orcas will be waiting. Imagine seeing the impressive size of a killer whale riding up to the beach within the waves and bursting out onto land. From there, wether they catch or miss, they have to find a way back into the water, and this gives us an unparalleled look at orcas in the wild. Enjoy exclusive beach access on The Orca Safari, as we are accompanied by Juan Copello, who has been researching the orcas in Argentina for close to 30 years. He knows the individual orcas by sight alone, and has an in depth knowledge of the family history. He is also the reason we will be able to get so close to the sea lion colony; he has spent many years habituating them to human presence, so we get front row seats to the action! There is no better way to see them, and no better time.

When the orcas are done for the day, we will be guided around the local area, enjoying any and all the wildlife we can find. The Orca Safari promises to be a safari that will fill your memories, and memory cards. Contact our safari specialists to help you plan your dream safari!