We landed in the Masai Mara and were welcomed by thousands of wildebeest!  There was a section of the massive herd all around the airstrip dotted with zebra, gazelle and elephants, so we got straight into this leg of the safari.  The day’s sightings only improved as it went on, and there were so many animals to photograph, the only challenge was deciding where to point the cameras.  Two lionesses were finishing off a wildebeest kill they had made earlier in the day and stole our attention for a good while, before we found the den site of a clan of spotted hyena.  There were around twenty hyenas active around the den site, with loads of young cubs, ranging from a few weeks old to a few years.  What a start to the Masai Mara.

Major sightings of the day:

Many buffalo

Many elephants

2 female lions on a wildebeest kill

Many different hyenas

Hyena den site with ±20 hyenas and 9 cubs

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