It was our final morning at the lodge, but don’t think that meant no polar bears for us! We went for a short walk along the coast, and found a large male (one which we had not seen before) sleeping on the ice. It was a very scenic sighting, but he was not so relaxed around people, so we gave him quite a bit of distance and let him get back to sleep. A second bear arrived at the lodge’s front door a few minutes after we returned to the lodge, so we managed a few more quick photographs before boarding the plane for the short hop back to town. It is a very pretty flight between the lodge and the town, with a few moose along the way! It is a good idea to always keep a camera ready!

What a safari! We counted 11 different polar bears in the 5 days, and spent uncountable hours in the presence of these magnificent animals! It truly is a magical safari, one that needs to be experienced to be fully understood.

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