FiveZero Safaris, Lion, Africa Safari

The original Safari destination has remained largely unchanged over the millennia, with the mega herds of large mammals still ruling the plains. Known for its incredible diversity and density of wildlife, Africa hosts every Safari dream you could have. Whether you want to explore the  vast plains of East Africa, the savannah of Southern Africa, or the rainforests of Central Africa, there are thousands of species waiting to be discovered. Africa is so well equipped for Safari, that it is very easy to join several highlights into one incredible experience! Combining the Great Apes of Uganda and Rwanda with the Great Migration in Kenya and Tanzania is possible with only one short flight, as is enjoying the Victoria Falls after exploring the Okavango Delta and South Africa. The only real decision is how many times you will want to come back! SEE MORE

FiveZero Safaris, Jaguar, Brazil Safari

Often considered the ‘New World destination’ when it comes to Safari, the America’s have an amazing abundance of wildlife in incredible environments. The obvious split into North and South also separates the dominant species; the Bears and the Jaguars. Starting high in the Arctic Circle, Polar Bears rule their icy world, before the Grizzly Bears take charge as you head further south. Continuing South, Black bears take the lead, before the large cats come into their own. Pumas, or Mountain Lions, occupy vast areas throughout the Americas, but as you head into Central and South America, the massive Jaguars become the top of the food chain. Another exciting highlight of any Safari in the Americas is the sensational bird species that can be seen, from the beautiful Macaws to the tiny little Hummingbirds, there are thousands of species of birds filling the skies. SEE MORE

FiveZero Safaris, Polar bear, Arctic Safari

There are few places on Earth that are as remote, unexplored and as misunderstood as the Arctic, which in itself is the perfect reason to head North on Safari. This incredible and unspoiled corner of our planet is the home of some truly amazing animals. Polar Bears are the king, but are by no means the biggest. There are several whale species that head up North during the summers to breed, as well as hundreds of thousands of birds, in a spectacle that has to be seen to be believed. There are many species of seals along the coast lines and on the sea ice, and if you head inland, you can encounter Moose, Caribou, Arctic Foxes and Wolves. Whether you explore this region by boat in the summer, or overland in the winter, it is a Safari that will leave you changed for the better! SEE MORE

FiveZero Safaris, Tiger, India Safari

For as long as mammals have walked the Earth, the jungles and forests of Asia have been home to some of the most impressive animals in the world. The awe and wonder that surrounds the Safari destination of Asia has not diminished over the years as each new generation gets its opportunity to witness these magnificent beasts in action. The ultimate prize on any safari in Asia is the regal Bengal Tiger. These super predators dominate the land with little concern for any other species, but always need to be aware of the many Elephants and Rhinos that also call the jungle home. With so much coastline, there are fantastic opportunities to see marine life, and even to swim with the largest animal that has ever lived on Earth; the Blue Whale! SEE MORE