The Classic South African Safari: Day 4

This was another busy day on safari! We started off with 5 lions having a great time in the river; the 3 youngsters were playing for close to 2 hours that made for wonderful photography. We then found a large male rhino, followed by an adult female rhino with her calf. Those sightings took up most of the morning, and we were feeling really good about getting some breakfast in, when the real treat jumped up next to us and caught a female nyala! We spotted a female leopard crouched in the grass, and within 30 seconds she was onto the unlucky nyala like a flash! It was a truly unbelievable sighting. The afternoon was also productive, with several sightings of elephants, buffalo and rhino. It was a very special day indeed, well, unless you are a nyala…

Major sightings of the day:

  • Pride of 5 lions, playing in the river
  • 7 sightings of rhino
  • Female leopard hunting and catching a female nyala
  • Male elephant
  • 3 sightings of male buffalo
  • 2 sightings of elephant herds

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