The South African Predators Safari: Day 9

The day was all about leopards.  Starting out early on the mornings safari, we set off on the trail of a female leopard, but found a male leopard instead.  We stayed with him for a while, but having eaten his full (of what turned out to be the females kill), he was not going to be moving anywhere soon, se kept on the female leopards trail, and found her, having recovered what remained of her kill, lying up in the shade of a tree. She too was well fed, and needed some rest.  We headed straight back to the same spot in the afternoon safari, and found the female leopard balancing quite superbly on a tiny branch, feeding on the impala.  The wonderful setting was washed in glorious afternoon light and the cameras went crazy!  It was a great scene to photograph.

Major sightings of the day:

Male leopard

Female leopard with a kill in a tree

Male elephant

Male rhino

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