The Polar Bear Safari 2015: Day 1

Having a polar bear meet you at the airstrip is a wonderful start to any safari! Literally, while we were still getting our luggage off the plane, we spotted the first polar bear of the safari. The young female bear didn’t seem to mind us at all and moved on in her never-ending search for food. The short walk to the lodge had another surprise for us; a flock of willow ptarmigans feeding in the shrubs. These snow-white birds can be tricky to find, so it was great seeing them so early in the safari. We didn’t really get a chance to unpack, because 2 male bears were spotted, and they were in a sparring mood! We grabbed the cameras and made our way out into the arctic wilds. The 2 bears were so busy with each other, that they paid us no attention at all, allowing us a really cool photo opportunity! Quite simply, a wonderful start to this awesome safari!

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