The Great Migration Safari 2012: Day 9

Our final morning drive proved to be as productive as the rest of the safari.  Great sightings of two large male lions, two male cheetah on a fresh wildebeest kill, a baby giraffe and a troop of baboons giving us a show to remember – all topped off by mating ostriches!

Major sightings of the day:

  • Herd of elephants
  • Lions, 2 sightings (3 cubs and 2 large males)
  • 2 male cheetah, with fresh wildebeest kill
  • Giraffe and baby
  • Mating ostriches
  • Olive baboons, jumping over a stream
  • Eland

The Great Migration Safari 2012: Day 6

Another magic day!  An early morning leopard started us off, plenty of crossings (with 2 crocodile kills adding to the  chaos), and a fantastic experience in a hot air balloon, which gave us a great new perspective over the Masai Mara.  Some new species of antelope for the Safari didn’t hurt either…

Major sightings of the day:

  • Several crossings, with 2 crocodile kills
  • Herds of elephants
  • 2 lion sightings, including the huge pride of 19 lions
  • Leopard
  • Large herds of buffalo
  • Defassa waterbuck
  • Giraffe