The Great Migration Safari 2013: Day 2

Cats and kills were the keywords of the day.  A cheetah chasing and catching a thomson’s gazelle started us off, and was quickly followed by a large male lion dragging his topi kill away from some vultures that looked a little too interested for his liking.  The single lioness with the 3 small cubs were working their way through a large zebra kill, while the mother with the 4 cubs played happily next to a warthog that didn’t make it.  Earlier on on the day, we found 6 sub-adult lions reuniting after being briefly separated, and in between all the cat action, many herds of elephants were seen along with numerous buffaloes.

Major sightings of the day:

  • Female cheetah chasing and catching a thomson’s gazelle
  • Many herds of elephants
  • Several buffalo
  • Male lion dragging a topi kill
  • 6 sub-adult lions reuniting
  • 2 hyaenas
  • 2 black backed jackals
  • Lioness with 3 small cubs on a zebra kill
  • Lioness with 4 small cubs playing around a warthog kill
  • Numerous bird sightings
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