The Polar Bear Safari 2015: Day 3

Having had such good polar bear action so early on in the safari, we wanted to try something a little different, and see if we could find some of the other inhabitants of this remote region. We managed to find a couple of flocks of ptarmigans, which presented a challenge to the cameras – trying to photograph white on white is not the easiest, but with a bit of practice, we managed a few good photographs. There were hundreds of sets of tracks for all sorts of little animals, like arctic foxes, arctic hares, snowshoe hares and the little lemmings, but they chose to stay hidden. We did get a lucky break during lunch however, when a pine martin busied itself hunting lemmings outside the lodge. That was a real treat! A male polar bear appeared on the ice later in the day, so he took the attention of the cameras for a good while.

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The Polar Bear Safari 2015: Day 2

After a great start to the safari, we could not have expected the polar bears to have obliged us the way they did! We saw several polar bears throughout the day, with the 2 big males still sparring with each other at regular intervals. A couple of smaller females also made their way into the area of the lodge, and gave us some great opportunities until they got sight of the big males, and made a run for safety! Another big male polar bear came to see what the all the fuss was about, but he was in no mood to play, and let the 2 sparring males know it in no uncertain terms. The afternoon proved as productive as the morning, and the cameras got put to work! It was non-stop shooting fun, which continued after dark with the arrival of the northern lights! What an amazing day!

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The Polar Bear Safari 2015: Day 1

Having a polar bear meet you at the airstrip is a wonderful start to any safari! Literally, while we were still getting our luggage off the plane, we spotted the first polar bear of the safari. The young female bear didn’t seem to mind us at all and moved on in her never-ending search for food. The short walk to the lodge had another surprise for us; a flock of willow ptarmigans feeding in the shrubs. These snow-white birds can be tricky to find, so it was great seeing them so early in the safari. We didn’t really get a chance to unpack, because 2 male bears were spotted, and they were in a sparring mood! We grabbed the cameras and made our way out into the arctic wilds. The 2 bears were so busy with each other, that they paid us no attention at all, allowing us a really cool photo opportunity! Quite simply, a wonderful start to this awesome safari!

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The Great Migration Safari: Day 10 with Amboseli extension

We woke up on our final day of this amazing safari with a brilliant view of Mount Kilimanjaro. The lodge we were staying at is set perfectly on a small hill, to give you the best possible view of the famous mountain from the Kenyan side. The morning safari was filled with large herds of elephants, and several buffalo dotted here and there. Many general game species can also be found in Amboseli, and we had some wonderful photographic opportunities with a very obliging journey of giraffe. The afternoon safari had a little treat in store for us. We managed to find a pride of 8 lions, which is always nice, but these lions were milling around in front of Mount Kilimanjaro, giving us 2 of Africas icons together in one photograph! As if that wasn’t enough, several elephants left the swamp and also meandered in front of the mountain – photographic heaven! It was a great end to a great safari!

Major sighting of the day:

4 male buffalo

Many different herds of elephants

Several male elephants

Herd of buffalo

Pride of 8 lions

Spotted hyena

Mount Kilimanjaro

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The Great Migration Safari: Day 9 with Amboseli extension

It was our final day in the Masai Mara, and it didn’t disappoint!  After all the crossing action we have had over the first few days, it didn’t even cross our mind to see what the wildebeest were up to, so the wildebeest came to us.  After seeing one of the biggest herds of elephants I have ever seen in the Mara, over 100 individuals, and spending some quality time with a female leopard, we made our way to the airstrip for our onward flight to Amboseli.  As luck would have it, the plane was delayed a little in Nairobi, and thousands of wildebeest wanted to cross the Mara River only a few minutes from the airstrip.  With all our gear in the back, we made a quick dash down to the river, and saw a crossing filled with excitement.  As always, we had our cameras handy for just such an occurrence, and enjoyed a full photo shoot.  Only after the last wildebeest had made its way out of the river, did the plane fly above us signalling the end.

Heading into Amboseli is always fun, because as you approach, you fly over the few marsh areas they have, and spotting the animals is quite easy.  On safari in Amboseli, there are a lot of elephants, and we enjoyed their company for the entire afternoon.  It was awesome, and the cameras had a field day.  Loads of little ele’s were running around, giving us a great show.

Major sightings of the day:

Hyena den with 3 cubs and 1 adult

Several sightings of hyenas

Female leopard in a tree

Many sightings of buffalo

Large herd of elephants, over 100 animals

River crossing

Many different herds of elephants

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